BEFORE START A WEBSITE FOLLOW THESE STEPS- Website Creating is now in the trend. Every company and every brand has its own website to grow their business. And it’s an amazing platform where you can promote your business. Also, you can sell products and you can gain a lot of customers from it. 

In recent times if you have a business then you must need a website to promote your business. If you have a website then people will easily know about your brand. So this is the benefit of a website. 

Also, you can list your product on your website to sell. A lot of people moved to online shopping. Because it is very easy to use and no need for hard work for shopping. So a website is a platform that can your business profit margin. 

Before starting a website you need to know some important things. If you have a question that what you need before starting a website? Then in this article, I will tell you all the important things before starting a professional website.


1. Brand Name Selection

If you have a company or business then you have to choose a business name related to your company and business. If you already have a name then congrats. Name is an important factor for a business. So choose a powerful name related to your business. Once you are done you should go for the next step.

2. Buy a Domain

The domain is one of the most important parts of your website. This is the website address (  Once a person searches in a browser with your address he can visit your website. So choose a brand domain. 

Buy a domain with your business name. This is very important that buying a domain name related to your business. This will help you to promote your business. If your website name and business name is different then this cant promotes your business and people cannot know about your business. 

So be careful about it. If your business company name is cloths and wears then choose a domain like ( 

3. Buy a Hosting

Hosting is storage. When you create a website and upload contents then hosting will store that content on their servers. So without hosting you cant create a website. But don’t use free hosting or cheap hosting. That can slow down your website. 

Free hosting can crash your website. So be careful about hosting. Buy hosting from popular brands like Bluehost, HostGator. If you want to start a start-up business then you should go with the basic plan. If you have a big company and have good traffic then you can choose medium plans.

4. Website Design & Development

Website design and development is technical work. If you are not a programmer then it will be taught for you. But don’t worry I will teach how to design and develop a professional website. 

Choose WordPress CMS to create your own website. It is very easy to use and setup. Just purchase a theme from theme forest and you need to just customize the theme. And you can create your own website without any coding knowledge. I will write another article for WordPress separately there I will teach you how to create a professional website using WordPress. 


BEFORE START A WEBSITE FOLLOW THESE STEPS. So these are the steps. before starting a new website you need these things.

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