Reasons Why Do Smartphone Blasts

Many times, such reports are heard that the smartphone was blasted or there was a fire in the phone charging. Recently another news has emerged, in which a person died during a conversation on mobile in Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh in India. According to the news, at the time the person was talking on the phone, the mobile was charged. During this, there was a fire in the mobile phone due to sudden voltage increase. Users need to take some precautions to avoid such incidents. We are giving this information about why smartphones blasts and how you can prevent yourself from this

Charge only with the original charger:

The most probable reason of blasting a smartphone is the quality of charger. Many times, users buy cheap chargers for saving money. Users should avoid buying cheap chargers. Users should always buy original charger.

Do not use the phone during charging:

Let me tell you that overriding is one of the main reasons for the breakdown of the phone. When we put our mobile in charging it is the rest time for our smartphones. So leave your smartphone to take relax when you charge your smartphone. During this time, do not play games or talk on the phone. Also try to switch off your smartphone during charging.

Do not Keep your Phone in Sunlight:

Do not place the phone in any place where there is direct sunlight. This makes the body of the phone warm, which overhaul the phone. Putting your phone in sunlight is dangerous for your smartphone.

GPS App makes your smartphone heat

There are many apps that heat up the phone. Most apps have GPS navigation in it. Using a GPS location-based app like Google Maps, Uber, Ola in the phone can overheat your smartphone.

Don’t Overcharge your Smartphone:

There are many people who leave the phone on the charging all night long. This may prove to be dangerous for you.

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