Stop Sharing These things on Facebook or You Can Be Banned

Most people in this world use Facebook. Most of you will also have many friends who would tag you in some post or you would like to share posts with them, but do you know that by sharing some posts on Facebook your account Can be blocked forever. Here we mentioned about top three rule of facebook. Let’s know what are those kind of Can which you share, Facebook can ban you

1. Terrorist activities

If you are using Facebook and support any kind of Terrorist activities on facebook then Facebook can ban you. Those accounts which are supporting terrorist activities were banned by Facebook because Facebook doesn’t want to spread terrorist activities through its account. If anyone reports those accounts/pages which supports terrorist activities can be easily banned by Facebook. Any non-governmental organization, which is involved in violent activities by making plans against people or property to scare a public, government or international organization with the aim of getting a political, religious or theoretical goal can be blocked on facebook to share future contents. So, be aware and try never to share posts related to terrorism.

2. Write a post to threat or target someone

On Facebook, you can not share statements aimed at violence against any person, group of people or place (city or small place). Apart from this, you can not give any threat to any person through this social media platform. Apart from this, ask for gifts/money or mention of a particular weapon or offer to sell or buy weapons is illegal on Facebook. These kind posts are against the rule of Facebook.

3. Promoting or Supporting Crime

Facebook bans those people who encourage or promote violent crime, theft, and fraud. Apart from this, physical harm done against animals, hunting, fishing, religious sacrifice or cooking/preparing food in addition to cases of physical harm against people, poaching of extinct species or their limbs To sell, organize animals versus cattle fighting, theft, felony or damage to property, account of fraud and human trafficking, are also against rule of Facebook These are the three virtual crime on facebook, if you violate any rule of facebook then it will ban you through its technology. I hope now you guys are aware about the rule and guidance regarding the post sharing on Facebook. We also request you to don’t share fake news on Facebook or any other social media platform, it can cause loss to others. Hope you guys enjoyed the article, see you in next one. Till then take care of yourself. Thanks!

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