Top Ways to Learn English with your Smartphone

Now a days English is one the most important language. This language is use to communicate world wide. Whether you are working in a company or a teacher, it is mandatory for you to know English language, but there are many people who hesitant to speak English or they do not speak English because they think they can’t speak it properly. However, you can do this very easily with your smartphone. Do you know that your smartphone will help you teach English and also improve your mistakes. Here we are telling you how you can learn english with the help of your smartphone.

Search Engine is helpful to learn English:

If you want to know anything through Google, then you can search on it in the English language. For example, if you want information about a restaurant, then write this in the English language. If you will write any wrong spelling then Google will correct it and You will get this result in English. If you do not understand any word written in the result then you can find it in the dictionary or can search again that work in Google. This will increase your vocabulary too.

Use English Learning Applications

Google is full with knowledge, you just need to find it properly. Play Store is also a part of goolge which helps you to download application your smartphone. You can search for English learning apps on Play store and install it to learn English. Hello English is my favorite application of the play store which let you learn English for free. I also have used this application to learn English.

Translators Are also helpful to learn English

Sometime we came across few words which are difficult to understand and hard to pr pronounciate To overcome this you can use tools like Google translate. Just go to google translate and write the word which you don’t understand it will translate the word to your desired language. It has also the tool which can pronunciation your word you can use that too.

English Movies and Music will also help:

If you like to watch movies or listen to music then you can watch English Movies and listen to English music, it will give you knowledge of English words which help you to learn English. When you watch the movie, turn all the titles on. It will be easy for you to understand the sentence used in movies

Final Words

These are 4 tips on how you can learn English with the help of your smartphone. I have used all of the tricks and now I can read, write and speak English. You can use these tips to learn English and it won’t cost you anything. Thanks!    

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