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Twitter Lite App Review- Twitter lit is an amazing trending social media for android. all the celebrities use this platform for tweet and retweet the posts. You can get all kind of breaking news, sports news, trending news in this social media account.

Anyone can esily boost their business with this social media platform and market the products. 


Here is a great feature is an advance notification for all the news, sports scores, weather updates, and local news. Save bookmarks, tweet up your trending post or what’s on your mind, also share trending videos, pictures and more.


Twitter Lite is fast to install, space:

1. Save Data – You just need 3 MB to install this app,You dont need to worry about the storage. You can install it in a few minutes.

2. Check Sports Results, entertainment, global news, and politics news on 3G and 4G networks.


You will receive the latest news as soon as it is published. Everything from breaking news and sports to entertainment, trending music, live news, politics, weather updates and world news events on Twitter.


Home timeline

*You can see what entertainment and sports personalities, friends or all the other people are talking about.

*Follow local news, world events, politics news, sports scores and more.

*To get the biggest news today, watch now for tweets, pictures, videos and live news updates for the event.

*Time to retweet, share, like, bookmark or retweet tweets on your timeline.

*Chat with everyone in the world. You can write a tweet to know or understand what is happening with your social network.



*Topic trends including breaking news and the latest hashtags around the world.

*Learn about entertainment, politics, local news and world events.

*Explore news stories and tweet about news directly with your social network.

*Follow entertainment personalities, trend topics and breaking news.

*Dynamic Media – Get trending music, pictures, videos, live news broadcasts and GIFs on Twitter.


*You can chat privately with friends and followers about live news events or what is happening to you.

*Share tweets, pictures and videos with specific people

*Create a conversation with a private group so that you can interact with others about what is happening.


Twitter Notifications:

You can see the best tweets you missed.


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