Viver Messenger The Best Alternative of Whatsapp

Viver Messenger The Best Alternative of WhatsappA secure messenger app. Download Viber Messenger to make free calls.


Viber is a simple, fast and secure messaging app. And it is a calling app that is on Viber Messenger’s list of 1 billion users worldwide!


Viber is a completely free app. You can use Viber Messenger with a data plan or Wi-Fi connection or whatever you like best.Can make international calls for free. Send a message and create a group chat with your friends. And you can open group chat with others.If they do not want to, please download the viber now during our communication.


Why Viber is the best messaging application for everyone?


You can see all your messages and calls and chat directly from your desktop or Android phone. Use a viber computer or laptop.


Video & Audio Calls

To friends and family. Make free crystal-clear audio and video calls right now! You can make low cost landline calls with Viber out. You can call anyone who does not have internet or mobile phone to get low cost international calling service of Viber Out.


Free messaging 

Keeping in touch has never been easier. Send a correct message, use a photo, a sticker or GIF. Video or any other file. You can also Open a group chat there. There can be up to 250 members. Opening a group chat makes it very easy to communicate with friends, family, and colleagues.


Chat & Call

Any type of information you share in Viber will be limited to you and the person you are talking to. The message you send will go from your phone to the recipient in the form of an encrypted code that will translate into text using just an encryption key on their phone. The encryption keys will only be on the user’s phone and cannot be found anywhere else. So, no one else – not even a Viver – can read your messages.


Destroy your secret chat

Start a secret chat that has a self-destructive timer set for every message you communicate so that it is automatically removed from your recipient’s phone after reading your message.

There are about 35,000 stickers in the Viber sticker market that you can use to express your every emotion,feelings or etc.

Start a community of siblings with unlimited people.What are you interested in? So you can start your own sibling community now. Keep in touch with unlimited people about sharing or feelings. Make your words more beautiful with chat extensions.

Show your conversations with useful chat extensions, including your favorite links, GIFs and videos, Yelp, YouTube, booking and more.

The Viber Out subscription is a bundle to call to a specific destination where the app is purchased and renewed monthly or weekly depending on your views.


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